CJG | DMP Pasko Fest 2023: Vintage Pinoy Christmas

December 22, 2023—We have immersed ourselves in the cultural richness of Filipino traditions for our company’s, Creating Just Growth, Inc.’s, Christmas gathering this year.

Our Christmas party celebrated the Filipino Christmas vibe under the cool theme of “Vintage Pinoy Christmas,” mixing traditions, delicious treats, and a sprinkle of old-school feels.

As the clock struck 1:00 PM and the party kicked off, we were transported to the heartwarming traditions of Filipino holiday cheer. Laughter and friendly competition echoed through the venue as employees engaged in lively games, with Pinoy Henyo taking center stage—an absolute hit that had everyone guessing and grinning.

The culinary journey at our party was also a sensory delight. We indulged ourselves with Pinoy culinary delights – from the much-loved puto bumbong, a classic Filipino rice cake steamed in bamboo, to the explosive flavors of dinamite and shanghai, deep-fried Filipino snacks. We were also delighted with kare-kare, a staple Filipino stew, and dinakdakan, a savory and tangy grilled pork dish, as our main dishes for the party.

Another party highlight was the series of raffle draws, with coveted prizes adding an extra layer of excitement. Notably, a sponsored raffle prize, a Rheem water heater, stood out among the offerings.

But the real stars of the party? DMP’s very own employees. The stage came alive with solo and group performances that showcased their talents – from heartwarming song renditions to dance performances that ignited the dance floor.

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